Our Wheaten Family

We began breeding Wheatens in August of 2009.  Below you will find information about our Wheaten family.  Cadence (the Mom), Gracie (the Older Daughter), Riggs (Cady's Son), Brinkley (Gracie's Daughter), Max (Brinkley's Son) and our newest edition Piper (Brinkley's Daughter) Please click on the gallery button under each to see photos and videos.


2004 ~ 2020

Ch. Kriskenny Perfect Tonic Cadence  (Cadence) is our foundation bitch.  Cady has had three litters and is now happily retired.  Her three litters are listed here as Opus One, Opus Two and Opus Three.   


Cadence became an AKC Champion in March of 2008.

Cadence crossed the rainbow bridge in May of 2020 at 16.


Cadenza Opus One Grace Note (Gracie) was one of our first six puppies.  Gracie delivered her first litter of puppies on October 21, 2013 consisting of four boys and three girls.   Gracie is happily retired after three litters of wonderful Wheatens.



Ch.Cadenza Opus Three Rigadon Lethal Weapon  (Riggs) is our little boy.  He was born in Cadence's third litter. 


Riggs became an AKC Champion on Feburary 16, 2014!

Riggs is enjoying his retirement in South Carolina


Ch. Cadenza Op 4 State of Grace Up Town Girl (Brinkley) was born in Gracie's first litter.  Brinkley has had two litters of pups and is an awesome mom.


Brinkley became an AKC Champion on May 28, 2017!

Ch. Cadenza Opus Six When You Got It, Flaunt It  arrived as one of two boys in Brinkley's first litter.  

Max became an AKC Champion on September 10, 2021!


Cadenza Opus Seven - One Jump Ahead arrived on July 29, 2019 as one of the four "Disney Princesses".  Two of her sisters are also enjoying the "Show Dog" life.

Cadenza Wheatens