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Cadenza Litters

o·pus  (ps)  n. pl. o·pe·ra (pr-, pr-) or o·pus·es
A creative work, especially a musical composition numbered to designate the order of a composer's works.
We love to take pictures of our Wheatens as they grow up and then join their forever homes.   We refer to each of our litters as an Opus.   In our musical family tradition, we organize our litters by Opus numbers.  While our Wheatens may not be musical works, their puppies are definitly a creative work.  Please click on each Opus to view a Gallery and you'll see why our Wheatens are so special.

Opus 1, Opus 2 and Opus 3


Opus 6, Opus 7

Opus 4, Opus 5

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